XRootd tests without SRM

This page contains the results of tests ran directly against xrootd (no SRM) as part of the OSG scalability and reliability area activity.

Server description

The server has been provided by UNL .

It is a Dell SC1435 with

  • 2x Opteron 2216 (so 4 cores total @ 2.4GHz)
  • 16GB memory,
  • CentOS? 5.5 x86_64, stock 2.6.18-194.26.1 kernel, and
  • a single 1GbE network connection.
The same node may also used for production gridftp transfers.

File stat tests

The tests reported in this section were performed against the above server, using a glideTester instance using UCSD sleeper pool resources.

The server was running xrootd-3.0.3-0.pre.

All glideTester jobs were performing a GSI-authenticated file stat in a tight loop for a specified amount of time.

 xrd node stat filename

Run 1

The glideTester jobs were configured to run for 40 minutes (2400s).

Complete results can be seen below:

Concurrency Succeeded (Rate) FailedSorted ascending
5 18k (7.5Hz) 7
10 22k (9.2Hz) 24
20 22k (9.3Hz) 28
50 21k (8.6Hz) 75
100 21k (8.7Hz) 478
150 17k (7.2Hz) 798
200 14k (6.0Hz) 803
500 8.1k (3.4Hz) 871
600 7.9k (3.3Hz) 909
400 14k (6.0Hz) 956
700 7.6k (3.2Hz) 1006
800 7.5k (3.1Hz) 1076
250 13k (5.6Hz) 1089
300 11k (4.6Hz) 1380
350 9.7k (4.0Hz) 1468

All failures seemed to be due to<br>
"XrdSec: No authentication protocols are available"

The tested system peaked at about 9Hz around 50 and then slowly degraded to about 3 Hz. There are occasional errors at all concurrencies, so retries are likely needed in the client software.

-- IgorSfiligoi - 2011/04/19

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