Projects for Alex

Ground rules: Any of us can put down work here. Each project needs a brief description, and it needs to require minimal knowledge of software & computing, so that Alex can work himself into this. Beyond that, anything is fair game. Write your project description following the structure of the other projects that are already here.

Create file with cross sections and uncertainties

  • Contact: fkw
  • Description: Manipulate two text files to create a third, and make some plots in root showing the result.
  • Learning goal: Learn rudimentary python text manipulations.
  • Schedule: need this by end of 6/13/2012

Cross section calculations for CMS Generator group

  • Contact: fkw
  • Description: write a bunch of python scripts that manipulate text files, use them as input to mcfm to calculate cross sections, and manipulate the output text files to produce summary tables, averages, etc.
  • Learning goal: more detailed python and a little mcfm, and maybe even some physics
  • Schedule: no specific time pressure. This will take a few weeks to finish, I suspect.
  • Write up with more complete documentation of what is required.
  • How to do this:
    • You can find everything you need to get started in ~fkw/generators/mcfm2012
      • the mcfm-6.2.tar.gz file is straight from the mcfm web pages. The stuff tars into MCFM-6_2 directory.
      • I've done the central values already. All the stuff I've done is in MCFM-6_2/Bin . There's a README file in that directory.
      • However, start by reading the mcfm manual to get a sense what you are in for. Then read the documentation of what you are supposed to do (see link above). Then look at the README file. Then come and talk with me and ask questions.
      • The tables fkw made already are here
      • A write up meant on pdf's for experimentalists is here.

LHE Ewkino production for CMS

  • Contact: fkw
  • Description: use madgraph to produce the master sparticle pairs, 400k events per mass point.
  • How to do this:
    • In uaf-8:/home/users/fkw there are two files:
      • restrict_default.dat
      • restrict_default2.dat
    • Use the first to produce:
      • chargino1 pairs (here only the mass of 1000024 gets scanned over, all other masses stay the same.)
      • chargino1 neutralino2 (here the mass of 1000024 is set to the same as 1000023 and the value for both masses is scanned)
    • Use the second to produce:
      • neutralino3 neutralino4 (here the mass of 1000025 is set to the same as 1000035 and the value for both masses is scanned)
  • I suggest we start with you producing 10 events for each type, plus the diagrams as pdf or whatever, and we look at all of this together tomorrow.
  • Here's the request description from the leptonic susy group. Ewkinos start on slide 13. It is my understanding that this boils down to the following for us:
    • Chargino1 neutralino2 generate from 100GeV to 800GeV in steps of 20GeV
    • Chargino1 Chargino1 generate from 100GeV to 800GeV in steps of 20GeV
    • skip neutralino3 neutralino4 for now.

LHE stop production for CMS

  • Contact: fkw
  • Description: Learn from Alex George how to run madgraph to produce stop pair events with 0,1,2,3 partons.
    • produce 2 Million events for stop mass of 200GeV
    • reuse them twice to decay stop to charm LSP
      • once for LSP mass 190GeV
      • once for LSP mass 120GeV

-- FkW - 2012/06/13

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