The objective of this page is to document where things go when you submit a job on the UAF. And how to check and/or change the priorities of people.

Architecture diagram


How to figure things out

How to figure out the relative priority between different users that submit jobs from the UAF

  • ssh condor@glidein-collector
  • condor_userprio -all

This then dumps out the priorities for different users based on the names HTCondor knows about.

You then need to figure out who is who based on the GUMS mapping to DN. The DN will have the name in them. E.g.: /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=mderdzin/CN=760843/CN=Mark Derdzinski is uscms5606

If I wanted to change the relative priority of different users on the UAF then I'd use the commands:

  • condor_userprio -setfactor
  • condor_userprio -setprio

This affects who gets the next free CPU among all those queued up, and willing to run on that CPU.

E.g. if Joe and Jane both are willing to run at Caltech or UCSD, the the relative priority of them as set here will determine who gets the first free slot at either Caltech or UCSD. If Joe insists on UCSD while Jane is ok with both, then a free slot at Caltech will go to Jane irrespective of any settings here.

How to figure out what DN corresponds to which username inside the UCSD T2 cluster

Note, with "usernames in the UCSD T2 cluster" I mean the names that GUMS maps the DN to at each of the OSG-CEs of the cluster. This username is then used to submit to HTCondor, and thus the name under which the job is known inside the cluster.

The important ones here are those mapped to /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=cmspilotXY/ here XY is a 2 digit integer, e.g. 01.

e.g. as of August 28th 2015, the DN /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=cmspilot01/ which is used by the glideinfronend for the UAF, is mapped on our cluster to the username cp0035. So if I want to adjust the relative priority of submissions via the UAF with submissions via CRAB3, or WMAgent, I need to change the relative priority of username cp0035.

How to modify priorities on the cluster

  • ssh root@osg-gw-1
  • condor_userprio -all

This gives the priorities of all recently queued or running users on the cluster.

are the two ways of changing the priority of the user cp0035. The first sets a multiplicative factor, the second resets the absolute to 1, the lowest number it can be.

HTCondor will start whatever job has the lowest priority number and meets the criteria for an open slot. So setting prio to 1 is equivalent of resetting it to the best prio it can have. Setting the factor to a small integer is the best priority factor you can have.

The absolute priority number is prio x factor.

-- FkW - 2015/08/28

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