CVS at UCSD Particle Physics CMS

This document is meant to provide a gather place for documentation related to the use of CVS in the UCSD Particle Physics department CMS group.

Basic CVS settings at UCSD

First speak to one of the existing CMS developers at UCSD about getting write access to the repository. Authentication is provided via ssh and your pubkey, authorization is done via Linux ACLs.

Once that is done add the following to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile

export CVSROOT=""
export CVS_RSH=ssh

Graphical Interface - tkcvs

tkcvs is a program allowing users of cvs to make side by side comparisons of locally modified code and the checked in version. To run tkcvs execute


in the project directory.

Adding users to the ACL for the CVS repository

Note: Requires Root

First set the current and default ACL for the directory for the new user(s).

setfacl -d -m u:newuser:rwx ucsd-cvs/
setfacl -m u:newuser:rwx ucsd-cvs/
Then apply the new settings recursively to the entire repository.

getfacl ucsd-cvs/|grep "^user" | setfacl -d -R  -M- ucsd-cvs/
getfacl ucsd-cvs/|grep "^user" | setfacl -R  -M- ucsd-cvs/

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-- TerrenceMartin - 22 Aug 2006

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