UCSD Tier2 Access Policy for Open Science Grid Users.



UCSD Tier2 Center supports a full user pool based GUMS/VOMS infrastructure. If your VO has a role based structure and would like to have the UCSD Tier2 Center support your role structure please contact tmartin@physics.ucsd.edu for more information.

At UCSD The list of users in a VO is pulled daily from the VO's VOMS. We do not blacklist people at this point, nor require any manual request by the new user. We reserve the right to blacklist individuals in the future.

We allow extended proxy to act on behalf of a VO if and only if the VO explicitly requests this, and informs us about it. For example we currently support extended proxy for the CDF.

Computing Resources

Access to UCSD OSG computing resources is available on an opportunistic basis. Priority in the system is affected by the amount of resources you consume compared with the amount of resources other users consume. All OSG VO are offered access to UCSandiegoOSG? -Prod computing resources. If you VO does not have access please contact tmartin@physics.ucsd.edu

The UCSD Tier2 Center may at its discretion give higher priority to certain VOs at certain times.

Jobs may be subject to a clock limit at UCSD of not less than 4 days.

All jobs must be submitted via the condor-g grid monitor unless prior arrangements have been made.

The UCSD Tier2 Center reserves the right to cancel or interrupt any job in the cluster with no prior notice to perform maintenance on the cluster. Every step will be taken to ensure that jobs complete successfully and if interuption does occur that the job is rescheduled as soon as resources are available.

UCSD Tier2 Center makes no guarantees of data integrity, availability or results

Storage Resources

UCSD Tier2 Center does not provide any user storage on shared file systems as part of the OSG. If prior arrangements are made home directories can be provided on our UAF (User Analysis Facility).

UCSD Tier2 Facility if you do have data that you would like to be backed up. However we have limited backup space available.

UCSD Tier2 Center provides the core $APP, $DATA and $WN_TMP areas as part of the OSG.

* The size of these areas is subject to change without notice. * Data in these areas is subject to loss or removal without prior notice. * UCSD Tier2 Center will use the accepted central communications mechanism for the OSG to report in the event a major data loss occurs due to hardware or other issues.

* $APP is available for VO software admins to pre-install software for their users. o $APP is accessible for writing via the fork queue. o If prior arrangements are made this area is also writable via a special condor queue to those VO that have role based access to the UCSD Tier2 Center. Users of the condor queue for software installations will be provided greater space for applications or in some cases dedicated NFS servers. o $APP is not writable from compute nodes. o $APP area is subject to quotas. o VOs are encourage to place they $APP applications in $APP/$VO_DIRECTORY eg. /$APP/cmssoft o The path for $APP is $OSG_APP * $DATA is available for temporary storage of VO data for stagein and stageoute o $DATA is writable via the fork queue and read only from compute nodes. o $DATA should only be used to stage read only data for your VO. o $DATA is accessible via Gridftp o $DATA area is subject to quotas. o The path for $DATA is $OSG_DATA o

* $WN_TMP is available too all jobs on the compute nodes. This area should be used for all data output from jobs. Once the job completes its data production phase it should package up this data into a suitable archive format (eg. tar) and either staged to $TMP, copied to an SRM system, or copied directly to a remote site from the compute node.The path for $WN_TMP is $OSG_WN_TMP.

UCSD Tier2 Center has a fully functional SRM/Dcache installation. Access to this storage service can be provided to those VOs that have already arranged role based access to the UCSD tier2 Computing facility. Contact tmartin@physics.ucsd.edu for more information.


All UCSD worker nodes currently have full egress access to all known OSG services. Egress access to a particular site or service is subject to change without notice.


UCSD Tier2 Center does not guarantee it will notify all users of the OSG in the event of schedule maintenance. Please check this website for any known outages. UCSD Tier2 Center will also submit know outages or emergency outages of extended length through the appropriate OSG mechanism. Support for the UCSD Tier2 Center is available through the USCMS Grid Support Center . UCSD Tier2 Center does not guarantee any support outside of normal business hours for North American Pacific Standard Time.

Restrictions and Agreements

UCSD Tier2 Center reserves at its sole right and discretion to modify, update, change, delete or remove any section of this policy. The policy hosted at this site should be considered the current and in place policy for access to UCSD Tier2 Center resources. Use of the UCSD Tier Center resources means that you agree to the terms of this policy.


-- TerrenceMartin - 22 Jun 2006

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