SAM Quality Plots

Brian Boeckelman provided a set of python scripts and a graphing package. We describe here first how to use this to make the SAM Quality plots.

Installing the Dependencies

We have verified that this works for python 2.3.5 and 2.4.4 on mac as well as CentOs? . It requires the following packages to be installed:

  • Imaging-1.1.6
  • numpy-1.0.2
  • pytz-2006p

Install this on the mac doing something like this:

 sudo python install 

after unpacking, and cd into the directory.

  • matplotlib-0.87.5

After the first three, install this the same way. At this point, you can verify that this was all successful:

from pylab import *

This should just work, and either not dump anything to the screen, or at most complain about missing fonts.

  • subversion 1.3.1

You might need to add /usr/local/bin into your path, as that's where subversion installs by default. Now you can check out Brian's python stuff as follows:

svn co svn:// GraphTool
svn co svn:// SamGraphs

Next try it out:

mkdir ~/tmp
cd SamGraphs
python -site 'ucsd'

This puts two plots into ~/tmp that should look familiar to you.

-- FkW - 17 May 2007

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