Commands ran on the new nodes March 2007

Commands for packages

rpm -ivh /home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/perl*
rpm -ivh /home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/gridwrapper-0.2-4.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh /home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/yum-2.4.3-1.noarch.rpm /home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/sqlite-* \
/home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/python-* \

cluster-fork rpm -ivh /home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/perl-Unix-Syslog-0.100-1.2.el4.rf.x86_64.rpm  \
/home/install/contrib/4.2.1/x86_64/RPMS/perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.41-1.el4.rf.x86_64.rpm \

cluster-fork yum -y install compat*

useradd -u 568 -d /state/data/condor_local condor
mkdir -p /state/data/condor_local;chown -R condor:condor /state/data/condor_local
yum -y install samba-client
yum -y install  perl-suidperl

Files managed by 411

In addition to the defaults the following files are exported via 411

/etc/gridwrapper.conf /etc/profile.d/

Path/softlink for OSG_GRID

This is to support the CMS RB which does not source $OSG_GRID

mkdir /osglocal/
ln -s /code/osgcode/wn-client /osglocal/osgce

Upgrading to stock kernel

  • configure the kernel using the redhat config as the starting point for oldconfig
  • Make the kernel rpm
  • Install the kernel
  • mkinitrd
  • confirm the drivers are in there you need
  • update grub.conf to boot the new kernel
  • reboot the node

-- TerrenceMartin - 22 Mar 2007

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