How to remove a node which contains illegal characters in one of it's database fields

When node information containing illegal characters is comitted to the database, certain rocks maintenance scripts will fail. The most straightforward way to resolve this is to echo a query/commit to the database via /bin/mysql.

An Example:

Assuming a node was added with the ip address 192.168.1,2 the ipaddress field for that node will not be processed properly by the rocks script. Attempting to run rocks remove host on that node will fail as it expects a '.' delimited ip address. To resolve this run:

#  echo "update networks set ip='' where ip='192.168.1,2'" | /opt/rocks/bin/mysql -u apache cluster

Now running rocks remove host [hostname] will complete as the illegal character has been changed. This approach should work for any similar problems that arise.

-- BruceThayre - 2010/05/25

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