Service Cert Configuration for GUMS

The following information is a section by section description of the GUMS server setup for a service cert for RSV

Account Mappers

Name:    RSVAccountMapper 
Description:    RSV Testing Account Mapper
Type: Manual
Persistence Factory: mysql    

User Groups

Name:    RSVUserGroup
Description: RSV User Group
Type: Manual
persistence Factory: Mysql   (where to search for individual users)
Members URI:    (optional)
i.e.    file:///etc/grid-security/banned_users (only file URIs currently supported)
Non-members URI:    (optional)
i.e.    file:///etc/grid-security/unbanned_users (only file URIs currently supported)
GUMS Access:  Read Self (GUMS access by members of this user group) 

Group to Account Mappings

Name: RSVGroupToAccountMapping
Description: RSV Groupt to account mapping
User Group: RSVUserGroup
Account Mapper: RSVAccountMapper

Host to Group Mappings

Host to Group Mapping: */?*
Group To Account Mappings: cdfdev-fnal, cdffgrid-fnal, cdfnam-fnal, cdftestcaf-fnal, cdf-cnaf, cdfdev-cnaf, cdffgrid-cnaf, cdfnam-cnaf, cdftestcaf-cnaf, cdf-pd, cdfdev-pd, cdffgrid-pd, cdfnam-pd, cdftestcaf-pd, fermilab, accelerator, argoneut, cdms, lbne, minerva, miniboone, minos, mipp, mu2e, nova, numi, patriot, theory, fermilab-test, fermilab-production, accelerator-production, argoneut-production, cdms-production, lbne-production, minerva-production, miniboone-production, minos-production, mipp-production, nova-production, numi-production, patriot-production, theory-production, argoneutana, lbneana, minervaana, minosana, novaana, fggli, argoneutgli, minervagli, minosgli, novagli, fgadmin, grase, mis, cmshipro, cmsproduction, uscmsuser, cmsuser, uscmst2admin, uscmssoft, uscmsprod, uscmsphedex, uscmsfrontier, cmsuser-null, cmsproduction, LIGO, dzeroservice, dzerouser, dzeroana, dosar, des, glow, nanohub, geant4, geant4-lcgadmin, i2u2, osg, newUsatlasProd, newUsatlasSoft, newUsatlas, newAtlas, osgedu, nwicg, harp, des-production, gpn, compbiogrid, engage, ilc, nysgrid, sbgrid, cigi, icecube, grow, alice, jdem, nebiogrid, gluex, gridunesp, dayabay, hcc, star, gums-test, ops, RSVGroupToAccountMapping

Mapping in MYSQL

In Mysql dataabase you should change the mapping to a service user that can test the RSV and will map properly on the storage system.

For example the mapping of the RSV DN goes to tmartin who owns the directories into which the tests copy and remove files.

-- TerrenceMartin - 2012/06/04

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