MonaLisa Heap Size Memory Requirements and Adjustment



It has been found in operating MonaLisa on your CE that often the default heap size configuration is insufficient to allow stable operation over long periods of time on heavily utilized clusters or ones with deep queues. The result of an insufficiently large heap size appears to be that MonaLisa will lock up or refuse to serve requests for information.

The following note tries to address this problem by increasing the default heap size. A restart of MonaLisa is required


Edit the ml_env file

Open $VDT_LOCATION/MonaLisa/Service/CMD/ml_env

Search for and and adjust the heap size by changing the number in this line.


This number is expressed in Mega Bytes, in this case the heap size is set to 256 Mega Bytes

It has been suggested that this number may need to be as large as 768MB in order to ensure stable MonaLisa operations but individual results will vary depending on cluster size, load and available resources on the CE.

Restart MonaLisa

/etc/init.d/MLD restart


-- TerrenceMartin - 01 Nov 2006

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