condor_q -l jobId then look for JobUniverse? = 5

frontend = uaf2

ssh frontend@uaf2 cd .globus less

then check for these in GUMS list and you find:

uscms4091 /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=Services/CN=t2pilot01/

uscms4147 /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=Services/CN=t3pilot01/

or do something like this:

source /data/vdt/
~/.globus$ voms-proxy-info -all -file ucsdt2_pilot01.proxy


our frontend has 2 groups one that is for all users and one that is for the special whitelisted t3 users the first group uses the t2 proxy which only has access to the t2 the second group uses the t3 proxy which has access to the t2/t3 so if frank for example requests glideins the frontend will ask for jobs with both of them and his jobs will run on whatever comes up first if the cluster is full that would likely be a t3 slot if dima asks for glideins, the frontend would only ask for slots using the t2 proxy

-- FkW - 2012/03/20

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