Foreman Puppet Commands and Hints

Foreman Hammer Commands

Rebuild a list of Nodes

for i in `seq 9 48`; do echo $i; /usr/bin/hammer -v -u admin -p $$$$$$$ host update --build 1 --id ${i};done

Adding a Node

/usr/bin/hammer -v -u admin -p $$$$$$$$ host create --architecture x86_64 --hostgroup-id "2" --environment production --subnet "SDSC OSG Local IPv4" --domain "sdsc-osg.cluster" --interface "identifier=eth0,primary=true,provision=true" --operatingsystem "CentOS 6.7" --medium "CentOS mirror" --provision-method build --mac XX:YY:XX:00:11:22 --name host1.cluster --ip

List all Nodes

/usr/bin/hammer -v -u admin -p $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ host list

-- TerrenceMartin - 2016/01/27

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