Factory RPM Install



Create gfactory user first, before installing rpms, so it is a real user with login and shell:

useradd gfactory

Install epel and osg repos as outlined:


Install OSG CA certs:

yum install osg-ca-certs

Install fetch-crl, and enable and start fetch-crl-cron:


Install condor and factory rpms:

yum install condor
yum install condor-cream-gahp
yum install glideinwms-factory-condor
yum install glideinwms-factory

Use our own schedd and secondary schedd configs instead of what ships with rpm:

cd /etc/condor/config.d
rm 02_gwms_factory_schedds.config
wget --no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jdost321/factools/master/etc/condor_config/02_gwms_factory_schedds.config
wget --no-check-certificate https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jdost321/factools/master/etc/condor_config/11_gwms_factory_secondary_schedds.config.8.6 -O 11_gwms_factory_secondary_schedds.config

Create secondary schedd dirs:

for ((i = 1;i <= 9;i++));do
install -o condor -g condor -d /var/lib/condor/schedd_glideins${i}/execute
install -o condor -g condor -d /var/lib/condor/schedd_glideins${i}/lock
install -o condor -g condor -d /var/lib/condor/schedd_glideins${i}/procd_pipe
install -o condor -g condor -d /var/lib/condor/schedd_glideins${i}/spool

Create the FE DN file:

touch /etc/condor/config.d/90_gwms_dns.config

Add our usual 99_local_tweaks.config file and add the needed local settings

Special settings for CERN:

# added IN_ prefix to not limit outgoing connections 2014-08-08 --Jeff

Modify /etc/gwms-factory/glideinWMS.xml as needed. Everything should look like our usual config, except keep the following:


Factory versioning doesn't make sense for rpm installations.

Also don't modify any of the rpm default path settings.

Host any custom stripts in:



section in xml is empty, and set up the shared configs:


Add the FE user(s) in the usual way:


Create the glidein tarballs the usual way but note they should now go into /var/lib/gwms-factory/condor:


When finished modding glideinWMS.xml, run upgrade (rhel6):

service gwms-factory upgrade


gwms-factory upgrade

Start all services (rhel6):

service httpd start
service condor start
service gwms-factory start


systemctl start httpd
systemctl start condor
systemctl start gwms-factory

Notable Differences in RPM Installation

The factory config file is now located at:


Commands to start, stop, reconfg, etc all use the init.d script, e.g.:

/etc/init.d/gwms-factory start

The factory working directory is now:


The web monitoring url has changed to:


Command line tools are now located in


Some are even renamed without extensions, e.g. cat_StartdLog

-- JeffreyDost - 2014/11/14

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