How to submit a job to every site

I have something in CVS for this. First check out the package within a CMSSW_2_2_10 project area

cvs co -r STEP09_V00-00-01 -d STEP09 UserCode/DLEvans/STEP09/
scramv1 b 

This comprises a STEP09/STEP09TrivialAnalyzer which just reads event numbers and writes them to a small root tree along with a histogram filled with random numbers (many!). It should take around 10 seconds per event. The STEP09/test directory contains a python script to make crab configs to submit a job of this analyzer to every site listed in siteIndex.txt. It will put in the CE/SE whitelist described in sitelist.txt.

  • You need to make a directory within STEP09/test called crab, then use the script like
python -t VXX-YY-ZZ   
  • It will then make a directory with all the configs in the crab directory you just made. To submit them use the script
./ VXX-YY-ZZ   

Results using this method

Site Name SiteId Pledged CMS Job Slots A job ran there?

T2_AT_Vienna 481 380 NO

T2_BE_IIHE 1681 266 NO

|T2_BE_UCL|1682| 440||NO|

|T2_BR_SPRACE|38| 242||NO|

|T2_BR_UERJ|49| 384||NO|

|T2_CH_CAF|1241| 694||NO|

|T2_CH_CSCS|16| 340||NO|

|T2_CN_Beijing|5| 400||NO|

|T2_DE_DESY|48| 650||NO|

|T2_DE_RWTH|27| 423||NO|

|T2_EE_Estonia|11| 400||NO|

|T2_ES_CIEMAT|50| 500||NO|

|T2_ES_IFCA|12| 300||NO|

|T2_FI_HIP|622| 400||NO|

|T2_FR_CCIN2P3|581| 505||NO|

|T2_FR_GRIF_*|26| 320||NO|

|T2_FR_IPHC|541| 480||NO|

|T2_HU_Budapest|2| 300||NO|

|T2_IN_TIFR|681| 250||NO|

|T2_IT_Bari|42| 150||NO|

|T2_IT_Legnaro|37| 450||NO|

|T2_IT_Pisa|13| 700||NO|

|T2_IT_Rome|33| 320||NO|

|T2_KR_KNU|30| 230||NO|

|T2_PK_NCP|1782| -||NO|

|T2_PL_Warsaw|7| 200||NO|

|T2_PT_LIP_Coimbra|621| 100||NO|

|T2_PT_LIP_Lisbon|465| 150||NO|

|T2_RU_IHEP|1722| -||NO|

|T2_RU_INR|1742| -||NO|

|T2_RU_ITEP|1745| -||NO|

|T2_RU_JINR|1743| -||NO|

|T2_RU_PNPI|1723| -||NO|

|T2_RU_RRC_KI|1744| -||NO|

|T2_RU_SINP|1741| -||NO|

|T2_TR_METU|781| 10||NO|

|T2_TR_ULAKBIM|869| 10||NO|

|T2_TW_Taiwan|1| 235||NO|

|T2_UA_KIPT|1421| 10||NO|

|T2_UK_London_*|15| 900||NO|

|T2_UK_SGrid_Bristol|29| 50||NO|

|T2_UK_SGrid_RALPP|28| 225||NO|

|T2_US_Caltech|41| 460||NO|

|T2_US_Florida|31| 644||NO|

|T2_US_MIT|3| 500||NO|

|T2_US_Nebraska|4| 690||NO|

|T2_US_Purdue|43| 700||NO|

|T2_US_UCSD|23| 450||NO|

|T2_US_Wisconsin|44| 900||NO|

- BristolDave - 2009/05/28

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