A job to run with tunable number of seconds per event

STEP09TrivialAnalyzer? _v2 works with a tunable time per event. To run it you need to do:

scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_2_2_10 
cd CMSSW_2_2_10/src 

cvs co -r STEP09_V00-00-04 -d STEP09 UserCode/DLEvans/STEP09/
scramv1 b 
eval `scramv1 runtime -sh`
cd STEP09/STEP09TrivialAnalyzer/test
cmsRun step09TrivialAnalyzer_v2_cfg.py
The tunable timing per event is controlled in this config file
process.demo = cms.EDAnalyzer('STEP09TrivialAnalyzer_v2',
        secondsPerEvent = cms.untracked.double(0.1)
The way it works is by getting the system time at the start of the Analyze method. It then gets the event number (just to do something trivial) then waits the desired amount of time if it has not yet already elapsed in getting the event number. The time elapsed per event, as well as the event number are written to the tree T1 in the STEP09TrivialOutput? .root file that is produced by the analyzer.

How to submit a job to every site

I have something in CVS for this. First check out the package within a CMSSW_2_2_10 project areaand build it.

scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_2_2_10 
cd CMSSW_2_2_10/src 

cvs co -r STEP09_V00-00-01 -d STEP09 UserCode/DLEvans/STEP09/
scramv1 b 

This comprises a STEP09/STEP09TrivialAnalyzer which just reads event numbers and writes them to a small root tree along with a histogram filled with random numbers (many!). It should take around 10 seconds per event. The STEP09/test directory contains a python script to make crab configs to submit a job of this analyzer to every site listed in siteIndex.txt. It will put in the CE/SE whitelist described in sitelist.txt.

  • You need to make a directory within STEP09/test called crab, then use the script like
cd  CMSSW_2_2_10/src/STEP09/test
mkdir crab  
python makeConfigs.py -t VXX-YY-ZZ   
  • It will then make a directory with all the configs in the crab directory you just made. To submit them use the submitConfig.sh script
cd  CMSSW_2_2_10/src/STEP09/test  
./submitConfig.sh VXX-YY-ZZ   

Results using this method

Site Name SiteId Pledged CMS Job Slots A job ran there?

T2_AT_Vienna 481 380 NO

T2_BE_IIHE 1681 266 NO

|T2_BE_UCL|1682| 440||NO|

|T2_BR_SPRACE|38| 242||NO|

|T2_BR_UERJ|49| 384||NO|

|T2_CH_CAF|1241| 694||NO|

|T2_CH_CSCS|16| 340||NO|

|T2_CN_Beijing|5| 400||NO|

|T2_DE_DESY|48| 650||NO|

|T2_DE_RWTH|27| 423||NO|

|T2_EE_Estonia|11| 400||NO|

|T2_ES_CIEMAT|50| 500||NO|

|T2_ES_IFCA|12| 300||NO|

|T2_FI_HIP|622| 400||NO|

|T2_FR_CCIN2P3|581| 505||NO|

|T2_FR_GRIF_*|26| 320||NO|

|T2_FR_IPHC|541| 480||NO|

|T2_HU_Budapest|2| 300||NO|

|T2_IN_TIFR|681| 250||NO|

|T2_IT_Bari|42| 150||NO|

|T2_IT_Legnaro|37| 450||NO|

|T2_IT_Pisa|13| 700||NO|

|T2_IT_Rome|33| 320||NO|

|T2_KR_KNU|30| 230||NO|

|T2_PK_NCP|1782| -||NO|

|T2_PL_Warsaw|7| 200||NO|

|T2_PT_LIP_Coimbra|621| 100||NO|

|T2_PT_LIP_Lisbon|465| 150||NO|

|T2_RU_IHEP|1722| -||NO|

|T2_RU_INR|1742| -||NO|

|T2_RU_ITEP|1745| -||NO|

|T2_RU_JINR|1743| -||NO|

|T2_RU_PNPI|1723| -||NO|

|T2_RU_RRC_KI|1744| -||NO|

|T2_RU_SINP|1741| -||NO|

|T2_TR_METU|781| 10||NO|

|T2_TR_ULAKBIM|869| 10||NO|

|T2_TW_Taiwan|1| 235||NO|

|T2_UA_KIPT|1421| 10||NO|

|T2_UK_London_*|15| 900||NO|

|T2_UK_SGrid_Bristol|29| 50||NO|

|T2_UK_SGrid_RALPP|28| 225||NO|

|T2_US_Caltech|41| 460||NO|

|T2_US_Florida|31| 644||NO|

|T2_US_MIT|3| 500||NO|

|T2_US_Nebraska|4| 690||NO|

|T2_US_Purdue|43| 700||NO|

|T2_US_UCSD|23| 450||NO|

|T2_US_Wisconsin|44| 900||NO|

- BristolDave - 2009/05/28

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