This is a guide for rebuilding the Rocks 3.x kernel for use in a custom distribution of Rocks.

Rebuilding the Rocks Kernel

checkout the rocks source with the ROCKS_3_3_0 tag:

# cvs  login  # cvs  checkout -r ROCKS_3_3_0 rocks 

cd to the kernel roll source:

 # cd rocks/src/roll/kernel 

copy all the kernel RPMs from CentOS? 3.3 into the RPMS directory.
for x64 builds be sure to include all of the 64 bit kernel RPMS, including the IA32E? rpms:

# mkdir RPMS  # cp kernel*rpm RPMS 
rebuild the kernel roll
 # make roll 
now install the roll on your frontend:
# mount -o loop *iso /mnt/cdrom # cd /home/install # rocks-dist copyroll # umount /mnt/cdrom # rocks-dist dist 

Rebuilding the Rocks Boot Package

While the RPMS are there, the install environment still needs to be updated:

# cd rocks/src/rocks/boot # make rpm 
copy the resulting RPMS into the distro:
# cp RPMS/*/rocks-boot*rpm /home/install/contrib/enterprise/3/public/i386/RPMS 
rebuild the distro:
# cd /home/install # rocks-dist dist 
then install rocks-boot-3.3.0-1.i386.rpm and copy 'vmlinuz' and
'initrd.img' into an area where PXE will pick them up.
# cp /boot/kickstart/default/vmlinuz /tftpboot/pxelinux # cp /boot/kickstart/default/initrd.img /tftpboot/pxelinux 

Making the Boot Media

While the previous steps set up the new build for a PXE boot, boot media is also very useful.


# cd /home/install # rocks-dist mirror 

This puts the entire Rocks distribution under the directory /home/install/

# cd /home/install # rm -rf rocks-dist 

This binds all the packages from, all the packages under /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/... and all the packages under /home/install/contrib/... into a new Red Hat compliant distribution under /home/install/rocks-dist

# cd /home/install # rm -rf cdrom # rocks-dist --dist=cdrom cdrom 

This puts the CD set under /home/install/cdrom/....

-- BruceThayre - 27 Oct 2006

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