Installation instructions for the CrossOSG Frontend

Note: This page is deprecated!


Node type

CentOS? 5


The frontend processes will be started and stopped as user frontend.

cd ~frontend/frontstage/frontend_CrossOSGCE-v3_0
./frontend_startup [start|stop]

To change the configuration, edit

then run
cd ~frontend/frontstage/frontend_CrossOSGCE-v3_0
./frontend_startup reconfig

Certificates must be updated once a year.
Plus, every time the host certs get updated in /etc/grid-security, they must be copied into ~fronrend/.globus as well.

Detailed instructions

Base root-level installation

# Node came pre-installed with the osg-ca-certs
# If not, follow the instructions at

# Basic OSG client installation
# Note: Not essential, but I like to have it in advance
yum install osg-client

# Install basic condor, make sure it is client only
yum install condor
echo -e "#Disable daemons, this is client only\nDAEMON_LIST=NONE" >/etc/condor/config.d/99_client_only.config

# Make sure m2crypto and python-rrdtool are installed
yum install m2crypto python-rrdtool

# Make sure httpd is installed
yum install httpd
# hide the directory structure
touch /var/www/html/index.html

#now create the needed user
useradd frontend

# give it a copy of the host cert
# not the most elsegant solution, but it works
mkdir ~frontend/.globus
cp /etc/grid-security/host*pem ~frontend/.globus/
chown -R frontend:frontend ~frontend/.globus

# And do whatever needed to be able to log in

# Create frontend web dir
mkdir /var/www/html/vofrontend
chown frontend:frontend /var/www/html/vofrontend

# start httpd
service httpd start
chkconfig httpd on

Request the service certificates

# As user frontend

python /usr/bin/osg-cert-request -t 'crossosg-glow/' -e -n "Igor Sfiligoi" -p 6193126199  -m "This certificate will be used to impersonate GLOW users running under the CrossOSG CE"
osg-cert-retrieve -i XYZ 
mv hostcert.pem .globus/service_glow_cert.pem
mv hostkey.pem .globus/service_glow_key.pem

Installation as the frontend user

# As user frontend

# finish the WWW setup
mkdir /var/www/html/vofrontend/stage
mkdir /var/www/html/vofrontend/monitor

# put in place the proxy refresh script
cd .globus
wget -O .globus/
chmod a+x .globus/

# put it in crontab
crontab -e 
9 9,21 * * * /home/frontend/.globus/ > /home/frontend/.globus/refresh_proxy.log 2> /home/frontend/.globus/refresh_proxy.err </dev/null
# end crontab

#run it once by hand, to create the proxies

# create a service dir
mkdir Downloads

# Get the glideinwms software
cd Downloads/
cd ..
tar -xzf Downloads/glideinWMS_v2_7_1_frontend.tgz 

# now configure the frontend

# create the base directories
mkdir frontstage frontlogs

# create the actual instance
mkdir frontstage/instance_v3_0.cfg
cd  frontstage/instance_v3_0.cfg

# get the helper files
wget -O
wget -O restore_env.source
wget -O fix_proxy.source
# get the actual XML file
wget -O frontend.xml

# create the instance
~/glideinwms/creation/create_frontend $PWD/frontend.xml

# start the frontend
cd ~/frontstage/frontend_CrossOSGCE-v3_0/
./frontend_startup start

-- IgorSfiligoi

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