Cross OSG CE - Schedd and CE installation instructions

Note: This page is deprecated!


Node type

CentOS? 6


The usual

service condor 
service globus-gatekeeper 
service globus-gridftp-server 

Detailed instructions

# Node came pre-installed with the osg-ca-certs
# If not, follow the instructions at

# make sure crls are running
chkconfig fetch-crl-boot on
chkconfig fetch-crl-cron on
service fetch-crl-cron start

# Install basic condor
yum install condor

# Install glideinWMS RPM
yum install glideinwms-userschedd

# fix list of daemons started
echo -e "# Fix gwms temp problem\nDAEMON_LIST = MASTER,SCHEDD,SHARED_PORT" >/etc/condor/config.d/20_daemons.config

# put in place the common files
wget -O /etc/condor/config.d/80_crossosgce_domain.config
wget -O /etc/condor/config.d/81_crossosgce_ce.config

# Add the DNs  

cd /root 

# load the list of DNs
wget -O dns.list

glidecondor_addDN -recreate -disable-checks -import /root/dns.list

# Condor is fully configured now 
# Now install the CE itself
yum install osg-ce-condor
yum install globus-gram-job-manager-managedfork

# this one is needed for the jobmanager patch
yum install perl-VOMS-Lite

# configure it
wget -O /root/osg.patch
cd /etc/osg
patch -p0 </root/osg.patch

# we need to create the dummy file in tmp for app_dir to be happy
mkdir /tmp/etc

# verify and let it finish the config
cd /root
osg-configure -v
osg-configure -c

# Now patch the OSG SW to work in the CrossOSG CE mode

wget -O /root/jobmanager.patch
patch /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Globus/GRAM/JobManager/ /root/jobmanager.patch

wget -O /root/gratia.patch
patch /usr/share/gratia/condor/condor_meter /root/gratia.patch

# May need a gratia patch, but still evaluating

# Create the needed user accounts
# together with the service proxy holding directory
# and permission for the FE to scp into it

#... this will change in time ...
#... the plan is to support only a few users ...

# GLOW pilot
useradd glow
mkdir ~glow/.crossosg ~glow/.ssh
wget -O ~glow/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown -R glow:glow ~glow/.crossosg ~glow/.ssh

# open up the firewall
# 9615 for shared port, 2119&2811 for globus, 10k-18k for GRAM
# the following patch can be handy, but you may want to do the changes by hand
wget -O /root/iptables.patch
patch /etc/sysconfig/iptables /root/iptables.patch

# start the services
service condor start
chkconfig condor on

service gums-client-cron start
chkconfig gums-client-cron on

service globus-gatekeeper start
chkconfig globus-gatekeeper on
service globus-gridftp-server start
chkconfig globus-gridftp-server on

service tomcat6 start
chkconfig tomcat6 on
service gratia-probes-cron start
chkconfig gratia-probes-cron on
service osg-cleanup-cron start
chkconfig osg-cleanup-cron on

-- IgorSfiligoi - 2013/05/02

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elselist authkeys_ce.list manage 0.4 K 2013/05/13 - 21:52 IgorSfiligoi The FE ssh pub key
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elsepatch iptables_ce.patch manage 0.6 K 2013/05/05 - 23:17 IgorSfiligoi Patch to the iptables rules for the CE
elsepatch jobmanager.patch manage 4.6 K 2013/05/16 - 23:28 IgorSfiligoi Patch for the jobmanager-condor, so it uses the right proxy
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