Crab Grid Test


Investigate performance of glidein submission versus direct (condor) submission


Run ntuplemaker on dataset

We chose the ntuplemaker because it is a useful thing to run, and nontrivial
  • Check out CMSSW (we use 2_1_9 for this exercise, this will create a directory in the pwd where it is called)
scramv1 project CMSSW CMSSW_2_1_9

  • Check out CMS2
cd CMSSW_2_1_9/src
cvs co -r V01-00-04 -d CMS2/NtupleMaker UserCode/JRibnik/CMS2/NtupleMaker
scramv1 b -j 8

  • Edit the CMSSW config file
    • There should be a file '' in 'CMSSW_2_1_9/src/CMS2/NtupleMaker/test'
    • Change the data to run on (optional?): line 91:
fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring('/store/relval/CMSSW_2_1_9/RelValZEE/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RAW-HLTDEBUG-RECO/STARTUP_V7_v2/0000/04419036-F385-DD11-B3A7-001617C3B6E8.root')

    • Change output (broken--we don't get any output of first test)
    • Change path to only run a single module instead of all defined: line 157 (second to last):
process.p = cms.Path(process.generalmakers)
  • Run CMSSW: (note: the first line is common to alias to 'ev')
eval `scramv1 runtime -sh`

Install Crab and Submit Job

  • Install Crab
wget --no-check-certificate
tar -zxvf CRAB_2_4_2.tgz
cd CRAB_2_4_2

  • Prepare crab job
    • Go on DBS (link below) and find the dataset you put in your CMSSW config file. Under that dataset, you should see a link 'crabCfg'. This is a sample crab config file for this dataset.
    • Put this file in 'CMS2/NtupleMaker/test/test_crab.cfg'
    • Edit this file:
      • Change scheduler to 'condor_g' instead of 'glite' (line 4 or so)
      • Make sure 'datasetpath' is correct (line below '[CMSSW]')
      • Insert (edit) the following line immediately below the 'datasetpath' line to tell Crab which CMSSW config file to use:
      • Make sure there is no typo in the following line (at end of CMSSW section):
events_per_job = 50
      • Optionally, change total events, or events per job if desired
      • If there is a problem with site selection (or if you want to be safe and be sure you run at UCSD), insert the following at the end of this file:
SE_white_list =
  • Source:
source ~/CRAB_2_4_2/
source /code/osgcode/ucsdt2/gLite/etc/profile.d/

  • Submit crab job
    • In order for this to work, you will need a proxy, or a grid cert which crab will use to get you a proxy
    • 2 options:
      • To create and submit the job in one command:
crab -create -submit -cfg test_crab.cfg

      • Optionally, you can create the job and submit separately (where xxx is last output from the first line below):
crab -create -cfg test_crab.cfg
crab -submit -continue xxx

  • Check status of job (xxx is optional, and defined line above):
crab -status -continue xxx

  • Get output of job: is dir created by crab, optional: is given by the status command above, this should work for completed jobs
crab -getoutput -c


-- WarrenAndrews - 2008/12/01

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