Crab Submission to OSG

Written by James Letts
Tuesday, 31 January 2006
Details of submitting ORCA jobs to OSG sites via CRAB 1.1.0

Before you use CRAB for the first time, you have to configure the BOSS tools and then log out:

  • source /code/osgcode/cmslocal/crab/CRAB/
  • /code/osgcode/cmslocal/crab/CRAB/configureBoss
  • exit

After logging back in:

  1. Set up the ORCA environment and go to your ORCA area where your job code is and do:
    1. eval `scram runtime -sh`
    1. voms-proxy-init -valid 120:00 --voms cms:/cms/uscms/Role=cmsuser
  2. source /code/osgcode/cmslocal/crab/CRAB/
  3. Create a CRAB configuration file, crab.cfg, such as this one which successfully submits a job to the T2 at Nebraska:

jobtype = orca_common
scheduler = condor_g

dataset = jm03b_Zjets_20_50
owner = jm_2x1033PU761_TkMu_2_g133_OSC
data_tier = Digi,Hit
executable = ExDigiStatistics?
output_file = digistatistics.aida
orcarc_file = orca_orcarc.main
total_number_of_events = 10
job_number_of_events = 10
return_data = 1
use_central_bossDB = 0
use_boss_rt = 1
lcg_version = 2
max_wall_clock_time = 1300
CE_white_list = unl
virtual_organization = cms
retry_count = 0
lcg_catalog_type = lfc
lfc_host =
lfc_home = /grid/cms

  1. create and submit the crab jobs: -create -submit

You can details of job monitoring, output retrieval, handling etc. from the developers quite clear documentation in:

Important commands are:

  • To check the status of a job: crab -status -continue crab_?_date_time
  • To retrieve job output: crab -getoutput -continue crab_?_date_time

where crab_?_date_time has the same name as the directory created for your crab jobs, i.e. crab_0_060412_105902.

-- BruceThayre - 2009/06/11

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