The following shows how to submit crab jobs from a CMSSW environment. In order to set up a CMSSW environment on the uaf, follow the instructions here. More detailed documentation on CRAB can be found here. The instructions on this page assume you are already setup to submit jobs to the grid.

First you need to setup your environment with the following commands:

source /code/osgcode/cmssoft/ > /dev/null 2>&1
export SCRAM_ARCH=slc5_amd64_gcc462 
source /code/osgcode/ucsdt2/Crab/etc/
source /code/osgcode/ucsdt2/gLite-3.2.11-1/etc/profile.d/

This will set you up to be able to use crab to submit CMSSW jobs. In order to actually use crab, you will need to make sure your grid credentials are up to date. This can be checked with the following command:

voms-proxy-info --all

In order to refresh your credentials, do the following:

voms-proxy-init -valid 120:00 -voms cms:/cms

Any additional information on using crab is documented here.

-- VinceWelke - 2014/06/09

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