Required Information

  1. Start Time on WN = STime
  2. End Time on WN = Killtime
  3. End Time on Condor_history at CE
  4. End Time on Condor_history at Codor-G host
1 and 2 are acquired from the online database 3 and 4 are acquired from condor_history


  • A || B || C then no php registration will be shown
  • D || E then php registration will go through but no error or output files will be created
  • A then condor-history on gw-3 doesn't see this job

Shouldn't havppen

  • Php registration but no condor_history

Algorithm For Testing

  1. Before submission, make sure you have nothing in condor_q that is not yours on Condor-G

-- RezaF - 08 May 2007

Topic revision: r1 - 2007/05/08 - 23:25:14 - RezaF
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