CVS Branching Guidelines

To Branch or Not To Branch

As much as possible, you should create a development branch for your work. Creating a branch may not be needed for every minor change you make. Create a development branch at your discretion. Here are some of the guidelines to make this decision.

  • Create a Branch when ...
    • Adding new feature(s) to the code
    • There is a possibility of incompatibility
    • Multiple developers are working on the feature(s) in collaborative manner

Branching and Merging Tips

  • Tag the code before forking off a branch
  • Create the branch with the branch name that can be easily associated with you
  • Make your changes, test them
  • Only when you are convinced that your changes are tested and working, merge them back to the respective version and/or head.
  • Remember to update the tags.txt file
  • Test the changes after doing the merge to make sure you do not break anything or create incompatibility.

-- ParagMhashilkar - 2010/03/30

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