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Ground Rules for this Page

Projects listed here should always include the following:

  • Brief description
  • Starting date
  • Primary person responsible plus nominal supervisor in case of students
  • Link to "clean" copy of accomplishments and status
  • Link to "dirty" copy of status, i.e. the electronic logbook for collaborative development

Projects involving students

Projects involving Undergraduates

Intro to Comphep

Brief Description

Install Comphep on uaf and hepuser, document how to use it, and use it to calculate some standard model cross sections as described in detail at IntroComphep .

Starting Date: June 2006

BruceThayre supervised by HaifengPi



Generator Study of Higgs Decay to ZZ(*)

Brief Description

Study Higgs decays to ZZ(*) at generator level.

Starting Date: June 2006

RamiVanguri supervised by JamesLetts



Muon Reconstruction Efficiency


Starting Date: July 2006

Pion Reconstruction Efficiency


Starting Date: July 2006

Electron Reconstruction Efficiency


Starting Date: July 2006

WZ Diboson Production

Brief Description

Search for WZ diboson production at CDF through trilepton and dilepton + isolated track channels.

Starting Date: June 2005 (TWIKI started June 2006)

Kevin McCarthy?



Projects involving Ph.D. Graduate students

Introduction to the CMS Detector

Brief Description

Use cmssw to generate, simulate, digitize, and reconstruct electrons, muons, and pions in the CMS detector. These are all single particle gun simulations. Use the event display to get an initial understanding of the CMS detector, and then determine efficiency, and resolution curves, reproducing those in the physics TDR volume 1.

Starting Date: June 2006

AshTripathi? supervised by JamesLetts



WW Diboson Production

Brief Description

Study the WW diboson production (H->WW* and Trilinear Gauge Couplings) at CDF through dilepton channels.

Starting Date: June 2005 (TWIKI started July 2006)

Shih-Chieh Hsu


Projects Involving Staff

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