Introduction to Comphep

Detailed Project Description

Comphep is a standard generator used to calculate crosssections and simulate events from particle collissions in particle physics.

To get a sense of what is meant by the above statement, please feel free to check out the Les Houches Guidebook . However, don't bother trying to understand the physics details here. Just focus on some of the descriptions of what they mean by "cross section calculator" and "unweighting", and the general idea of Monte Carlo simulation as described there.

Another, more pedestrian introduction that might be useful is given on my MIT web pages .

I want you to:

  • Install the Comphep generator on uaf-1 and/or hepuser.
  • Document how to use it to do some simple cross section calculation.
  • Calculate the total cross section for ttbar, W, WW, Z, ZZ, WZ, Higgs via gg for proton proton collisions at 2TeV and 14TeV as well as proton anti-proton collissions at 2TeV.

That's it for a start.

-- FkW - 27 Jun 2006

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