Available HW for the 2014 Scalability test run

Node name CPU name Single thread CPU mark Overall CPU mark Memory
test-001.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon X5650 1.2k 12.0k 48GB
test-002.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon E5345 0.9k 5.3k 10GB
test-003.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon E5345 0.9k 5.3k 48GB
test-004.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 32GB
test-005.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 32GB
test-006.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 32GB
test-007.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 32GB
test-008.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 24GB
test-009.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon L5420 1.1k 6.6k 24GB
test-010.t2.ucsd.edu Xeon E5-2660 1.5k 20.5k 64GB
cmssrv240.fnal.gov Opteron 6320 ?? 10.4k 64GB
cmssrv241.fnal.gov Opteron 6320 ?? 10.4k 64GB
cmssrv242.fnal.gov Opteron 6320 ?? 10.4k 64GB

-- IgorSfiligoi - 2014/08/13

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