glideinWMS Frontend training

This page is the copy of the original event. A shortened version is available at GlideinFrontend1201.

Where and when

Where: UCSD, physics department,Mayer Hall 4322. For remote access information, see below.

When: Jan 17th to Jan 20th 2012

For lodging recommendations, parking and public transportation, see below.


This week long event has three main purposes:

  1. Provide aspiring and existing glideinWMS Frontend administrators with both theoretical and practical knowledge of how the system works, what tools are available and what kind of effort should be expected in operating one.
  2. Gather information from (mostly) existing glideinWMS Frontend administrators on how they operate their instance, both configuration and procedure wise. The result of this activity will hopefully be a document containing best practices that will help both new administrators with the initial ramp up, and existing administrators to become more efficient.
  3. Gather information from (mostly) existing glideinWMS Frontend administrators on what are the main problems they are experiencing, to be used as input for future development of the glideinWMS software.

Program schedule

Tue Jan 17th:

Wed Jan 18th:

Thu Jan 19th:

Fri Jan 20th (all times approxiate today):

Program overview

Tuesday Jan 17th (mostly for new administrators, but useful for most administrators):

  • Architectural overview of glideinWMS
  • Detailed architecture of the Frontend
  • How to install the Frontend

Wednesday Jan 18th (for all levels of expertise):

  • Configuration options
  • Avaiable tools
  • Monitoring options
  • Corral - an alterantive Frontend
Wednesday evening:
  • Social dinner

Thursday Jan 19th (mostly for existing administrators, but useful for most administrators)

  • Experience talks given by existing Frontend administrators (expected presentations listed below)
    • GLOW - Dan Bradley
    • HCC - Remote presentation + slides by Derek Weitzel
    • CDF Italy - Silvia Amerio
    • Engage - Matts Rynge
    • NanoHub and NEES - Steven Clark
    • CMS - James Letts
    • NWICG - Alex Younts
  • Wrap up session to summarize and discuss the outcome of the talks

Friday Jan 20th (mostly for existing administrators, but most administrators should attend)

  • Requirement gathering to pass on to the glideinWMS development team
  • Session dedicated to the definition of the Best Practices document

Remote access

All te material will be posted on this Twiki before each talk.

Moreover, we will call into ReadyTalk during the training, so an audio feed will be available as well. While questions from remote participants are in theory possible, we do not plan to dedicate much time to them (sorry).

How to connect to ReadyTalk:

Registered attendees

The glideinWMS team will be represented by:

  • Burt Holzman (Project leader)
  • Parag Mhashilkar (Technical leader)
  • Igor Sfiligoi (Architect and developer)
  • Mats Rynge (Corral frontend)

Condor team will be represented by:

  • Todd Tannenbaum (Project leader)
  • Dan Bradley (Developer)

VO Frontend administrators:

  • Igor Sfiligoi (CMS)
  • Silvia Amerio (CDF Italy)
  • Mats Rynge (Engage)
  • Dan Bradley (GLOW)
  • Robert Konecny (UCSDGrid)
  • Alex Younts (NWICG)
  • Steven Clark (NanoHub and NEES)
  • James Letts (CMS)
  • Derek Weitzel (HCC) - canceled last minute

Other attendees:

  • Maxim Potekhin
  • Dennis Box
  • Jeff Dost
  • Faarooq Lowe
  • Suchandra Thapa
  • Rob Quick
  • Vladimir Brik
  • Timothy Mortensen
  • Jessica Chin

Lodging recommendations

There are no special deals with hotels for this event.

The best deal nearby is the Travelodge in La Jolla, and it has a good bus connection to UCSD.

If you have a car and don't mind a 10 min car commute, the Travelodge, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn and Comfort Inn in the San Diego Hotel Circle provide an even better deal.No convenient public transportation to UCSD.

And of course I have to recommend a hotel in East County: Rodeway Inn in Santee. Highest day temperature, but prepare for a 20 min car commute if you book here (or 90 min public transportation commute, unless you convince Igor to give you a ride).

For a choice of higher end hotels near UCSD, see the UCSD visitor page.

Parking and Public transportation

All parking spaces on campus are fee based. You will need to buy a daily parking pass at the Information Center on Gilman Dr. The current rate should be $8.

The closest parking lots are P102 and P103, but P604 is also an option.

If you are staying at the Travelodge, you may want to consider Bus route 30; takes about 10 minutes, $2.25 each way or $5 daily pass (all busses). For other options, see the MTS Trip Planner.

-- IgorSfiligoi - 2011/10/18

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