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export CVSROOT=":ext:$"
export CVS_RSH="ssh"


  • xdaqtk@cmstac02 - Ask me if you want the password wink
  • Development machine. Test here, then deploy.
  • Two tomcat servers installed:
    • /opt/shifter-tomcat6-48080 - only contains the shifter stuff, i.e. TemplateParser?
    • /opt/expert-tomcat6-58080 - contains all what the above does, plus more stuff like TrackerExpert? and DbProxy?
    • $CATALINA_HOME should always point to the correct server before doing anything
  • To access this machine from a browser off site:
ssh -L 58080:localhost:9999
ssh -L 9999:localhost:58080

ssh -L 48080:localhost:9999
ssh -L 9999:localhost:48080
  • Then point your browser to http://localhost:48080/WBMTools or http://localhost:48080/WBMTools
  • DCU stuff is located at: /opt/WBMRootDependencies/DCUTools


  • I had an account here, I guess we'd have to ask if someone else needs one.
  • This is just a gateway into P5 (see below)


  • ssh trackerpro@vmepcs2b18-37 - Again, ask me for the password, similar to cmstac02 though.
  • To access this machine from a browser off site:
ssh -L 9090:localhost:9999
ssh -L 9999:localhost:9999
ssh -L 9999:localhost:9090 trackerpro@vmepcs2b18-37 #vmepcs2b18-37:7070
  • Can access http://localhost:9090/WBMTools/shifter and http://localhost:9090/WBMTools/expert
  • the tomcat is installed in /opt/expert-tomcat6-9090
  • cvs co'ed the whole thing at /opt/expert-tomcat6-9090/TrackerWBMServices
  • macros are installed /opt/WBMRootDependencies/macros
  • templates go /opt/expert-tomcat6-9090/webapps/TemplateParser/templates

The Rest of the Meeting Minutes:

  • Starting with Jake:
    • Tools readily available at P5
    • lack analysis with info from db's
    • Freya with pixels
    • New DB for last value for DCU (beginning and end of run)
    • (reminder that DCS last value always available)
  • Now Stefano:
    • Macro's available:
    • Timing Run:
    • Gain Scan Run:
    • Compare Results of Run:
  • Commissioning in 1.5 Weeks:
    • Revise macro's already in place.
  • Two Tasks:
    • 'Systemitize' existing macros clean up code and check in have ready for
    • commish
    • Analysis during run
    • DCU Readings still the same - macros still should run, check that works on
    • commissioning run

DB names for the templates

  • @ p5: CMS_OMDS_LB
  • @ cmstac: CMS_OMDS_NOLB

SQLPlus query info

  • Setup
 export TNS_ADMIN=~/jribnik
  • Start the sql
rlwrap sqlplus CMS_TRK_R/1A3C5E7G:FIN@CMS_OMDS_NOLB
  • A working queary
select dcuhardid,dcutimestamp,dcutype,channel0,channel1,channel2,channel3,channel4,channel5,channel6,channel7 from CMS_TRK_TKCC.dcuchanneldata where dcutimestamp>CEIL((TO_DATE('2008.07.23 16:15:00','YYYY.MM.DD HH24:MI:SS')-TO_DATE('01-JAN-1970','DD-MON-YYYY'))*(86400)) and dcutimestamp<CEIL((TO_DATE('2008.07.23
 16:15:10','YYYY.MM.DD HH24:MI:SS')-TO_DATE('01-JAN-1970','DD-MON-YYYY'))*(86400)) order by dcutimestamp;
  • available variables
desc viewdcuvalues 
  • a working example
select unique(dcutimestamp),detector,dcuhardid from viewdcuvalues where dcutimestamp > 1216801800 and dcutimestamp < 1216805400 and detector like 'TOB' order by dcutimestamp;
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