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So your two most important parts are found in the Bin directory.
Here you've got your mcfm executable and your input.dat file
Essentially you can run ./mcfm in the directory and it will spit some output files at you
But for the sake of organization create work directories for different processes
and when ready run ./mcfm [work directory] ["input".DAT]
The meat of the program is found in the input.dat and the src/User/mdata.f file which contains
particle mass and coupling info

So time to break open the input file (the input.dat they provide is properly formatted so go off that):
In the Doc directory of the mcfm installation you can find the mcfm manual in various formats;
you'll need to reference tables in it to make your input file.

// I will go through the necessary parts of the input file, not every single parameter

nproc: this parameter specifies the process that will be simulated, see table 5 for the different processes

-- BruceThayre - 30 Aug 2006

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