CMS Activities

Tracking Validation

Tracking Validation Software Development

  • ROOT Tree Based Tracking Validation Tool: Tracker Detector Performance Group (19 Sept 2007)
    • Existing validation suite provided static histograms which showed the various track parameters of reconstructed tracks. This was useful; however, whenever there was a drop in performance it was difficult to use these static histograms to do any kind of troubleshooting. By developing a ROOT tree based validation tool, the same functionality was achieved but also there was the added benefit of being able to make 'on the fly' histograms which could give instant information during the development process.

Tracking Algorithm Comparisons

  • DPG talk on Tracking Algorithm Comparison Utilities: Tracker Detector Performance Group (16 Apr 2008)
    • A re-write of the tree based validation tool, this is a FWLite based producer that directly links Monte Carlo based simulated tracks with reconstructed tracks. The increased benefits of this approach include:
      1. longer shelf life (using a object oriented approach for code portability)
      2. increased flexibility by using CMSSW object directly
      3. CMSSW native object allows the use of FWLite, reprocessing in the full CMSSW framework, or building additional analyzers on the back end.

Reconstructed Tracks from CRUZET IV

  • DPG talk on RecoTracks from CRUZET IV: Tracker Detector Performance Group (26 Aug 2008)
  • Showed results of the reconstructed tracks from Cosmic Run at ZEro Telsa IV (CRUZET IV)
    • Showed results from the three RecoTracks algorithms
      1. Combinatorial Track Finder (CTF)
      2. Road Search (RS)
      3. Cosmic Track Finder

A Look at DCU temperatures

  • DCU Temperatures: Tracker Commissioning Meeting (4 Aug 2008)
    • Showed temperature readings from the DCU for tracker commissioning runs in late July

A Look at DCU data maps

  • DCU Data Maps: Tracker Commissioning Meeting (11 Aug 2008)
    • Showed data maps from the DCU for tracking commissioning runs in late July and early August

-- RyanKelley - 03 Sep 2008

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