This page was thrown together quickly to provide some info about the UCSD collider physics group for prospective graduate students in 2008. It contains links to public information on what UCSD particle physicists have been up to within the last year.

UCSD work on CMS

The people active on CMS within the last year are:

  • Matt LeBourgeois (graduate student)
  • Elizabeth Duisenberry (graduate student)
  • Frank Golf (graduate student)
  • Ryan Kelley (graduate student)
  • Matt Norman (graduate student)
  • Sean Simon (graduate student)
  • Elliot Lipeles (post-doc)
  • Boris Mangano (post-doc)
  • Johannes Muelmenstedt (post-doc)
  • Matteo Sani (post-doc)
  • Haifeng Pi (project scientist)
  • Toni Coarasa (project scientist)
  • James Letts (project scientist)
  • Terrence Martin (computing staff)
  • Abhishek Rana (computing staff)
  • Marco Pieri (research scientist)
  • Jim Branson (faculty)
  • Vivek sharma (faculty)
  • Avi Yagil (faculty)
  • fkw (faculty)

Public CMS results from UCSD

EventBuilder? and HLT trigger farm

CMS Computing

Physics with CDF

The people active on CDF within the last year are:

  • Rami Vanguri (undergraduate)
  • Shih-Chieh Hsu (graduate student - accepted Chamberlain Fellowship to work on Atlas at Berkeley starting May 2008)
  • Matt Norman (graduate student)
  • Elliot Lipeles (post-doc)
  • Mark Neubauer (former post-doc. Faculty at UIUC since Fall 2007)
  • fkw (faculty)

Public CDF Results from UCSD

-- FkW - 10 Feb 2008

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