Ryan's attempt at Plot Tools

Where to get the files:

  • Check out the Globe Analyzer
cvs co -rHEAD -d PlotTools !UserCode/rwkelley/Development/PlotTools2
Remember to switch to UCSD cvs. To Build type:
cd ~/<your path>/PlotTools
Add the following to your .roologin.C
    TString HOME = gSystem->HomeDirectory();
    gSystem->AddIncludePath("-I" + HOME + "/<your path>/PlotTools/interface");
    gSystem->Load(HOME + "/<your path>/PlotTools/lib/libPlotManager.so");
    gROOT->ProcessLine("#include \"" + HOME + "<your path>/PlotTools/interface/TypeDefs.h\"");
    using namespace pm;  // this is optional if you don't want to deal with the pm namespace
This will load the library when root loads.

Source Code

The source code can be found @ http://uaf-1.t2.ucsd.edu/viewvc/UserCode/rwkelley/Development/PlotTools2/

List of problems

  1. THStack::Draw("HIST") causes the stat box to not be drawn
    • fixed with a work-around (THStack issue). Redraw statboxes manually after draw. Causes one more refresh (annoying)
  2. Plot cannot be added a root file with the hadd command
    • hadd only has support for histograms and trees.
  3. StatBox? position was non dynamic
    • fixed so that the calculation is dependent on the TFrame's position
  4. Plot::DrawStacked("",/*reverse=*/true) doesn't work as intended
  5. gPad does not exist when there is no canvas. automation for statbox placement need to be fixed. possibly use TStyle
  6. Legend defaults to hist title if hist is added to Plot. Don't really like this.
  7. Legends and stat boxes are not align to the TFrame dynamically
  8. Can't handle and Tree1/var1 Tree2/var1 Tree3/var2

Feature to Implement

  1. add automatic axis albes for drawing
  2. A vector of cuts for the from tree
  3. Need a better way to dynamically name histograms
  4. Need to implement more ways to constuct
    1. Plot( FromRoot? (), ...)
    2. Plot( FromFile? (), ...)
    3. Plot( FromGlobe? (), ...)
    4. Plot( TH1*, ...)
    5. Plot( TH2*, ...)
  5. Manage Legend font and size better
  6. Black outline on stacked plots

-- RyanKelley - 2009/02/13

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