How to Install CRAB in a Permanent Location (and run it (@UCSD on the UAF's))

Getting a Release:

  • Extract the CRAB_1_5_4.tgz tarball into your permanent working area (for example:
  • Where to get the tgz:
    • On UCSD's uaf-1 and uaf-2, they exist in: /code/osgcode/cmslocal/crab/
    • On the exist in /afs/
      • CERN has more updated releases than we do (don't know why).
    • On uaf-X, they also exist in ~mwlebour/crab/.

Setting up CRAB

  • Making your environment correct:
source /code/osgcode/cmssoft/ CMSSW_1_5_4
source /code/osgcode/cmssoft/cms/setup/bashrc
export SCRAM_ARCH=slc4_ia32_gcc345
export VDT_LOCATION=/data/vdt
source /data/vdt/
  • All of the above lines I have in my .bash_profile file.
  • Now, cd into the extracted folder that was extracted: cd workingarea/CRAB_X_X_X/
  • The following lines then need to be executed exactly as written:
rm -rf $HOME/.bossrc $HOME/boss
source ./
source ./

Setting up CRAB when logging back in:

  • The only thing you need to do when logging back in is: source workingarea/CRAB_X_X_X/
  • Make sure that you are in a working CMSSW area and that you have run eval `scramv1 project sh`

Usefule Info

Something Weird:

  • Need to do this in CRAB_1_5_3 : export X509_USER_PROXY=/tmp/x509up_u`id -u`

-- MatthewLeBourgeois - 24 Jul 2007

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