November 4th 2007

Working on making a presentation for SnT on Tuesday the 6th. Will be showing the differences between electron and muon isolation in the tracker.

  • Working directories:
    • bourge:~/work/cms/isolation/electron/secondPass/
      • Files in data contain some test files for debugging as well as hists.root which has some Electron PT distributions for different selections from a DY → leplep sample
      • Files in new contain the looped over tracks ROOT files for DY and QCD_50-80 (contains, pt, selection mask(CR|CL|CT|PL|PM|PT), as well as tracker variables:
        • i07 has ΣPT and numTracks for a DR annulus 0.07 < DR < 0.3
        • iV has ΣPT and numTracks with the "tag" electron vetoed
        • iNo has ΣPT and numTracks with all electrons vetoed
        • iMom has ΣPT and numTracks for matched muons with a mother who is a Z
      • Files in new/muons contain old muon samples for vetoed and annulused tracker vars
      • Files in src
        • createTrees.C : makes new looped over tracks ROOT files as described above
        • (sumPt|numTracks)Anul.C : Creates the raw, integral and efficiency curves for 0.07 < ΔR < 0.3
        • (sumPt|numTracks)NoE.C : Same except for all electrons are removed from the electron's cone
        • (sumPt|numTracks)Veto.C : Same except no cone instead only the matched gsfTrack is removed
        • (sumPt|numTracks)Mom.C : Creates just the raw and integral plots for mus/eles that come from Z's
          • All of the above are capable of asking for the electrons to be (CR|CL|CT|PL|PM|PT) by specifying 0-5
    • cmslpc:~/eleIso
      • createTrees.C same as in src as above
      • eleIsoDY.root and eleIsoQCD.root are the raw iso ROOT files (QCD is 50-80)
      • newEleIsoDY.root and newEleIsoQCD.root are the looped over tracks files as discussed above for 0.3
      • hists.root see above

-- MatthewLeBourgeois - 05 Nov 2007

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