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Projects involving students

Projects involving Undergraduates

Pnfs Consistency Checker

Brief Description

Develop, deploy, and package a system that checks the integrity of pnfs in a regularly scheduled fashion, finds missing as well as corrupted files, and allows for automatic re-download of the missing or corrupt files using PhEDEx? , if possible.

Starting Date: April 2006

RamiVanguri? supervised by JamesLetts?



Projects involving Masters students (mostly CS)

Squid Scalability Investigation

Brief Description

Develop a set of tests to understand squid scalability, and use them to test squid in Xen, and compare it with squid deployed on normal hardware.

Starting Date: April 2006

KiranKalyan? supervised by AbhishekSinghRana?



Projects involving Ph.D. Graduate students

On demand Job Monitoring

Brief Description

Develop an on demand job monitoring tool that allows users to do ps, ls, top, less, etc. on their jobs running on the grid without having to know where they run.

Completed: Fall 2005

ShihChiehHsu? supervised by ElliotLipeles?


Generic Connection Broker Scalability Tests

The Condor Generic Connection Broker (GCB) is a piece of software developed independently for Condor to allow Condor daemons to run over a firewall or through a NAT without difficulty. Scalibility was tested both in local deployment, and in Beta deployment on the OSG. Currently it is used by both the NamCAF? and the OSGCAF.

Completed: Spring 2006 MatthewNorman? supervised by Igor Sfiligoi (FNAL)

Condor-C Scalability Tests

Condor-C is Condor's distributed schedd approach to computing, involving deploying schedulers on multiple nodes to reduce load. Scaling tests were done with an eye toward deployment at FNAL, but concluded that Condor-C does not scale with kerberos, and that switching to GSI was currently impractical.

Completed: December 2005 MatthewNorman? supervised by Igor Sfiligoi (FNAL)

CDF Condor-C guide Condor Manual Page for Grid Computing

Condor Scalability Tests

To reduce scheduler load, tests were done with deploying multiple schedds on a single node to reduce the single scheduler bottleneck. The first tests failed, but a second set using web caching to offload the burden of user tarball transfer were more successful. The system was declared satisfactory and was deployed in Spring 2006 at FNAL.

Completed: Spring 2006 MatthewNorman? supervised by ElliotLipeles? and Igor Sfiligoi (FNAL)

Old Multiple Schedd Page


Brief Description
OSG-CAF was to be a CDF gateway onto the OSG, allowing single-point-of-submission access to a glide-in based Condor pool that could harvest opportunistic resources from the entire Grid. Buzzwords aside, it lets CDF users treat the OSG as a giant CAF, and keeps the headnodes and other maintenance tasks centralized at FNAL. Later split into two functions
Starting Date: January 2006
MatthewNorman? supervised by Igor Sfiligoi (FNAL)
Current Status: Delayed due to lack of interest (OSGCAF) or deployed (NamCAF? )
OSG Monitoring Page

Projects Involving Staff

NFS Lite Compute Element for OSG

Brief Description

Develop a configuration for an OSG 0.4.1 Compute Element that does not require any filesystem exports.

Completed April 2006



Performance testing of NfsLiteComputeElement?

Brief Description

Starting Date: June 2006




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