I've computed the cross sections and final mass plots for proton-proton, and antiproton-proton collisions at 2Tev. The
different final products used were WW, and lepton-lepton. The process in interest is the Higgs production. Plots and
cross sections were created for Higgs masses of 115Gev, 170Gev, and 130Gev. Also for the sake of comparison i've
created plots for all subprocesses (those with and without Higgs resonance), as well as the Higgs only processes

NOTE: for the sake of brevity I will not include all of the cross section values (as many of the cross sections involved 50+ integrations), but instead only a representative sample of the value

Using some perl scripts I've written, I've plotted the total mass distributions of pp->ww and pP->ww at 2Tev

-- BruceThayre - 13 Jul 2006

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