Bruce Thayre
Supervisor: Haifeng Pi
Started: June 2006

Good news, comphep is running on uaf-1
Anyone with a home account is welcome to play around with it
to do it cd to /code/osgcode/cmslocal/comphep/comphep-4.4.3
Then run "make setup WDIR=/home/users/$YOU/comphep"
be sure not to use "~" or "$HOME" for your home directory, you need to actually write out the directory from root
Then to run Comphep cd to /home/users/$YOU/comphep and run ./comphep
Have fun.

NOTE: If for any reason comphep does not start normally (i.e. your terminal isn't running X windows) you will need to remove the lock files to start it up again. They are located in the /*/home/*/comphep/, /*/home/*/comphep/models/ and /*/home/*/comphep/results/ directories and are all named LOCK.

P.P.S Don't forget to port forward X windows when connecting to uaf-1 (i.e. ssh -Y junk@junkityjunk.junk)



-- BruceThayre - 19 Jul 2006

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