Both CMS Production and User analysis are expected to use the following lcg-utils at the Worker Nodes. Workload management tools are handled inside Prod. Agent or CRAB. Late binding based glideinWMS additionally will require glexec to be deployed.

Information Services

Tools In WN Client In OSG Version OK for CMS
lcg-infosites No No ok for now
lcg-info No No ok for now
lcg-ManageVOTag No No ok for now
lcg-tags No No ok for now
glite-sd-query No No ok
ldapsearch Yes Yes Yes

Note: It would be nice to have some of the tools currently not available at some later time.

Replica Management

Tools In WN Client IN OSG Version OK for CMS
lcg-cp yes yes yes
lcg-ls yes yes yes
lcg-del yes yes yes

File Transfer Services

Tools In WN Client In OSG Version OK for CMS
glite-seindex-list No No ok
glite-srm-copy No No ok
glite-srm-delete No No ok
glite-srm-get No No ok
glite-srm-get-metadata No No ok
glite-srm-get-protocols No No ok


No ok
glite-srm-mk-permanent No No ok
glite-srm-pin No No ok
glite-srm-ping No No ok
glite-srm-put No No ok
glite-srm-set-status No No ok
glite-srm-unpin No No ok
glite-gridftp-exists No No ok
glite-gridftp-ls No No ok
glite-gridftp-mkdir No No ok
glite-gridftp-rename No No ok
glite-gridftp-rm No No ok
glite-gridftp-size No No ok
globus-url-copy Yes Yes Yes
glite-url-copy No No ok
glite-url-copy-srm No No ok
glite-url-copy-status No No ok
glite-url-copy-stop No No ok

Note: We are of the impression that EGEE is adding these glite tools in addition to the lcg-utils. We need OSG to pay close attention to this to make sure "add-on" doesn't become "replacement" suddenly without us knowing with sufficient warning to adjust accordingly.

Proxy Services

Tools In WN Client In OSG Version OK for CMS
myproxy-init exists, not tested Yes Yes
myproxy-info Yes, but doesn't work Yes Yes
myproxy-retrieve Yes, but doesn't work Yes Yes
myproxy-destroy exists, not tested Yes Yes
glite-proxy-cert No No ok
glite-version No No ok
glite-voms-proxy-destroy No No ok
glite-voms-proxy-fake No No ok
glite-voms-proxy-info No No ok
glite-voms-proxy-init No No ok
glite-voms-proxy-list No No ok
voms-proxy-destroy Yes Yes Yes
voms-proxy-fake Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes
voms-proxy-init Yes Yes Yes
voms-proxy-list Yes Yes Yes

Lcg-Utils Tests on OSG


Site Name Checked on WN lcg-utils
UCSDT2-B yes
HEPGRID_UERJ compute-30-3.local64 yes
SPRACE node71 yes
Purdue-Steele yes
CIT_CMS_T2 yes
UFlorida-PG yes
Nebraska node181 yes

-- SanjayPadhi - 2009/03/11

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