CMS glidein requirements for the CREAM CE Services


The Computing Resource Execution And Management (CREAM) is a service for job management operation at the Computing Element (CE) level. For glideinWMS usage, we plan to submit the pilot jobs (glideins) via the Condor-G method. The advantage includes inheriting the already proven scalability, delegation of the proxies, checking for the availability of remote CE services etc, using Condor-G, at the same time expanding its usage for new states in the CE. The procedure from defining, testing to the final operations can be outlined as follows.

People involved:

  • Jaime Frey (Condor/WISC)
  • Sanjay Padhi (UCSD)
  • Frank Wuerthwein (UCSD)
  • Igor Sfiligoi (FNAL)
  • Burt Holzman (FNAL)

Overall Planning

Phase 1 (01 Nov - 30 Nov 2008)

Initial goal for this phase is to be able to test the direct job submission to the CREAM CE via Condor-G. This includes testing the following operations:

  • CREAM Job Submission - DONE
  • Job Cancel - DONE
  • Job Suspend- NOT WORKING (For Externally managed state: creamState CANCELLED)
  • Job Resume- NOT WORKING (For Externally managed state: creamState CANCELLED)
  • Job Purge (CREAM_JOB_PURGE) - WORKING (breaks approx - 4-7% of the time)
  • Job List - DONE
  • Job Info states - Currently available as part of the Gridmanager logs (TOBEDONE for Phase 2)
  • Job Status (CREAM_JOB_STATUS) - DONE
  • Auto Proxy Delegation method (ASYNC_MODE, CACHE_PROXY)- DONE
  • Delegated Proxy Renewal after the expiry - DONE
  • Service Status (CREAM_PING) - DONE
  • ServiceInfo? for enabled, disabled and status of the job submission service - DONE
  • Synchronisation of the CREAMID with GHAP - DONE

Example of output ENV at the WN using the CREAM CE can be found here. A failure rate of about ~4-7% observed out of 10K short jobs using the "modified" Condor-G.

Disclaimer: The current activity will be part of the next Condor software version >= 7.3.0. Not all aspects related to the submission to the CREAM CE using Condor-G is covered/studied here, although this phase sucessfully evaluates the basic submission procedure/mechanism to the next generation CE.

Test setup at UCSD (

debug: starting to put gsi
debug: connecting to gsi
debug: response from gsi
220 GridFTP Server 2.3 (gcc32dbg, 1144436882-63) ready.

debug: authenticating with gsi
debug: response from gsi
230 User cms032 logged in .... 

Phase 2 (01 Feb - 28 Feb 2009)

The objective of Phase 2 is also to ensure the functionalities of Phase 1 with respect to any change in the software version CE.

  • Test the basic job Submission procedure
  • Job leases
  • Test submission of multiple jobs
  • Test failure recovery
  • Input/Output Sandbox
  • Prototype - Integration with the glideinWMS
  • Small scale user jobs with glideinWMS + CRAB/Crabserver
  • Results during this phase
  • Provide first-hand experience of the CE using Condor-G with glideins for CHEP09 Workshop

Phase 3 (15 April - Summer 2009)

Based on how EGEE moves from Pre-Production sites to Production/Certification of the software and the status of ICE-based WMS, this phase can have a wide range of goals.

  • Test the production functionalities of the CE and the information system, BDII
  • Install a prototype CREAM CE at UCSD, study the scalability at the "ghost" cluster, up to 10K Nodes.
    • Similar to the study done at UCSD
  • Study the Condor-G and glideinWMS interface up to the production level
  • Add production modules to the glidein interface in order to be able to submit to both globus and non-globus based CEs
  • Production level tests with glideinWMS and Crabserver
  • Provide a "frozen" release version for glideins involving both kind of CEs.

Technical documentation

CREAM Documentation


  • Cream CEs:
-CNAF: + 4 virtual WNs using pbs, 7 queues (alice,atlas,cms,lhcb,ops,dteam) pps
-FZK: pps-cream-fzk.gridka.d
  • ICE WMS:
  • cream-10 SL4, batch master LSF
  • cream-21 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-22 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-23 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-24 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-25 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-26 SL4, CE with LSF
  • cream-27 SL4, CE with LSF - site BDII


  • cream-28 SL4, CE with pbs - batch master
  • cream-29 SL4, CE with pbs
  • cream-30 SL4, CE with pbs
  • cream-31 SL4, CE with pbs
  • cream-32 SL4, CE with pbs
  • cream-33 SL4, CE with pbs
  • cream-34 SL4, CE with pbs - site BDII

CREAM UI & WMS (if needed)

  • (UI) (WMS + ICE)


  • ldap://,o=grid
  • ldap://,o=grid

-- SanjayPadhi - 2009/03/21

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