VSConfiguration - CVS


  • python/customEventContent_cff.py
    • List of extra branches to keep on top of default PAT branches (use see test/vsZExample_cfg.py, lines 43,44)
  • python/customMLDefaults_cfi.py
    • Message Logger Defaults, I don't care one way or the other someone set it how they like
  • python/customPatSequence_cff.py
    • This is quite the important file!
    • It sets the required sequence ( customPatSequence ) to run our version of PAT
    • For VS001, in addition to the default PAT sequence, it sets up and runs the extra EGamma ID Algos
  • python/extraLeptonSelection_cff.py
    • Right now it is empty and probably should be removed, but it includes the Electron and Muon filter that mwl wrote to do advanced filtering
    • See SedwgVSPhysicsTools
  • python/filterEfficiencyPaths_cff.py
    • Sets up the paths to study filter efficiencies if one desires (use see test/vsZExample_cfg.py, lines 56-58)
  • python/fullSequence_cff.py
    • One stop shopping to set up and run our default PAT sequence, include me and call vsSetup(process) and optionally if you would like to pre-skim call usePreSelectionFilter(process)
  • python/genEfficiencyModules_cff.py
    • Defines the modules and sets up the paths to run some generator efficiency modules
    • Read about the GenParticleSelector and the GenEffParticles and GenEffParticleProducer in SedwgVSPhysicsTools
  • python/summer08RecoInputs_cfi.py
    • A few different functions to set up your inputs, e.g., InputZeeSummer08() returns a cms.Source with the Zee files as input
  • python/zCandidates_cff.py
    • Creates and adds the list of zCandidates to the path
  • python/zCandidates_cfi.py
    • Module for the zCandidate basic setup (CandViewShallowCloneCombiner)
  • python/zMassPreFilter_cff.py
    • Defines a sequence that can be used to pre-filter events
    • It passes if there exists a Z with mass ± 40 from the real Z mass
  • python/hlt/changeTrigPrimMatch_cff.py *
  • python/hlt/createHltPys.sh *
  • python/hlt/currentHLTList.txt *
  • python/hlt/hltModules_cff.py *
  • python/hlt/hltPreSkimm_cff.py *
  • python/hlt/hltSequence_cff.py *
  • test/vsZExample_cfg.py *


  • test/testSkimmingConfiguration.py
    • Fill me in please!
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