Build a FW (Boris and Matt are architects)


  • Don't want to get stuck in a corner (want to be as flexible as possible)
  • Can have specific numbers to be transfered to UCSD
  • Use RECO data format
  • learn how to skim/reduce
    1. drop/keep branches
    2. selections
    3. specific elements/subset of a collection


  • Don't reproduce dataformats -- use existing Events trees and dataformats
    1. drop/keep collections as needed
    2. append events with out own information/datatypes
    3. can do looping with FWLite tools (e.g getByLabel(...))
  • can view events in event display
  • perhaps inplement/use an event bit tag


  • What is required to be kept to re-reco events?
  • Alignment/Calibration issues -- require to rerun from RAW
  • What datasets are we going to use?
  • Trigger rates?
  • re-use tag-n-probe methods from CMSSW


build: dataset → trigger → loop over leptons (e, μ) → goodness → 40 ≤ mll ≤ 140 with l = e,μ (both charges)

Reading Assignments

  1. With what precision can track reconstruction be measured with the Z → 2e, 2μ (vs pT, vs η)? (Boris, Matt, Ryan)
  2. With what precision can missing ET be measured (vs η) (Boris)
  3. With what precision can track parameters be measured: d0, Z0 Vs pT & vs η (Boris, Ryan)
  4. distribution of Z + njets (needs def of jet) (Ryan, Vivek)
  5. Isolation
    1. lepton isolation implementation (Matt, Adish)
    2. lepton efficiency vs η (Riccardo)
  6. electron I.D. efficiency vs pT, η (Riccardo)
  7. efficiency measure using standardized tag-n-probe (Riccardo, Matt)
  8. primary vertex reconstruction and comparison with Z → 2l vertex (Ryan)
  9. momentum scale measurement
  10. study EWK twiki to see what activities are being reported there
  11. fitting Z → 2l line shape (Riccardo, Adish, Vivek)
  12. Trigger implementation (Riccardo)
  13. Implement MHT (Matt)

-- RyanKelley - 2009/04/21

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