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PPE Conference Room (MH5530A? ) Ops Manual (Under Reconstruction)

Changes to the Video Equipment

We are upgrading this video room and adding a second video room with support from the ARRA funds.

There is a new 60" Sharp TV ($1499 + Tax) as the primary monitor and a new IMAC on the table as the new primary computer. The old 52" TV is moved to the smaller video room which is under construction and will take some time to become operational. The IMAC has two (ThunderStick? ) HDMI outputs and should be optimized for computer based conferencing with EVO or successor systems. For now the MAC mini will remain in the room for continuity but its fan is on continuously and it will be turned off when possible. We have ordered a separate (from the polycom) sound system to use with EVO which should simplify operatons. The IMAC is nice but does sit on the conference table for now. (I with my bad eyesight prefer this but others may not.)


  • IMPORTANT: The remote does not work well and has not been updated for the new setup!!!
  • So we will setup manually for now.
  • All operations should be performed with the remote.
    • If something is not working, try pressing the remote's help button (chances are the IR connection was blocked)
  • Turn on the system by pressing the button next to Normal Ops
  • Hopefully all buttons are self explanatory, if not, let's talk
    • To change the inputs for the bottom TV, use one of the three buttons on the left of the screen
    • To change the inputs for the top TV, use one of the top two buttons on the left screen
    • The call/hang up button is also on the screen, on the bottom right
    • The rest of the buttons on the remote default to sending commands to the Polycom
    • To use either TV specifically, hit the device button, then select the TV you with to control
    • The remainder of the Polycom buttons are on other screens, use the left and right arrow buttons directly under the screen if you need to do something specific
  • Please turn the system off when done! Press the slender OFF Button at the top of the remote.
  • Please allow the battery on the remote to discharge and charge full (i.e. don't plug it in unless it's low) to conserve battery life


  • To get EVO with video+sound through polycom I had to (05/07/2009):
    • turn ON gatekeeper on polycom (System/Admin/Network/IP/H.323/Next/Use Gatekeeper -> Specify
    • in koala AV configuration choose H.323 IP(
    • in koala, do NOT connect through local koala


Sharp 60" (52D64U) (gone to other room)

  • IMAC on HDMI input 1
  • Mac Mini on HDMI input 2
  • Laptop Plug (Non-Blue) is on HDMI input 3

There are other inputs to use as we get set up better.

This TV also is on ethernet but we need to learn what we can do with that.

Sharp 52" (52D64U) (gone to other room)

  • Desktop Computer (Mac Mini) is on Input 6
  • Laptop Plug (Non-Blue) is on Input 4
  • Polycom Secondary Input is on Input 2

LG 42" (42LB5DF)

  • Polycom Primary Input is on AV 1
  • Laptop Plug (Blue) is on HDMI 1

Samsung 24"

  • Dedicated to Desktop Computer (Mac Mini)


  • The mini is in the top right cabinet.
  • The manuals and disks that belong to equipment in this room are in the bottom right cabinet
  • All extra remotes are in the basket
  • There are some cable organizers in the top left cabinet
  • The password for the computer contains one special character, and describes who the number one university is.
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