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Projects for Alex

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    • Use the second to produce:
      • neutralino3 neutralino4 (here the mass of 1000025 is set to the same as 1000035 and the value for both masses is scanned)
  • I suggest we start with you producing 10 events for each type, plus the diagrams as pdf or whatever, and we look at all of this together tomorrow.
  • Here's the request description from the leptonic susy group. Ewkinos start on slide 13. It is my understanding that this boils down to the following for us:
    • Chargino1 neutralino2 generate from 100GeV to 800GeV in steps of 20GeV
    • Chargino1 Chargino1 generate from 100GeV to 800GeV in steps of 20GeV
    • skip neutralino3 neutralino4 for now.

LHE stop production for CMS

  • Contact: fkw
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1340145821" name="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" path="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" size="191971" stream="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/5d4bhIHKzk" user="FkW" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="phys-99-008_lhc_guide.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1340322246" name="phys-99-008_lhc_guide.pdf" path="phys-99-008_lhc_guide.pdf" size="1734935" stream="phys-99-008_lhc_guide.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/REUSey4TbG" user="FkW" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="README_crossSections.pdf" attr="" comment="Short description of how to calculate cross sections @ arbitrary CM energy" date="1345686768" name="README_crossSections.pdf" path="README_crossSections.pdf" size="115575" stream="README_crossSections.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/cATCpV68q7" user="AlexGeorges" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SUSY_MCRequests_7DEC12.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1356040073" name="SUSY_MCRequests_7DEC12.pdf" path="SUSY_MCRequests_7DEC12.pdf" size="1755613" stream="SUSY_MCRequests_7DEC12.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/zTisEccZ5H" user="FkW" version="1"
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