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Note: This architectur ediagram is now wrong. We eliminated cmssubmit-r1. The schedd's on the UAF are now directly communicating to the frontend. Also the actual frontend is glidein-frontend-2 now.

There's a frontend monitor here: http://glidein-frontend-2.t2.ucsd.edu:8319/vofrontend/monitor/frontendGroupGraphStatusNow.html

There is also 2 factories that are both mon itoried independently of each other here: http://gfactory-1.t2.ucsd.edu/factory/monitor/factoryStatusNow.html http://glidein.grid.iu.edu/factory/monitor/factoryStatusNow.html

To see our activity you select UCSDCMS_cmspilot from the pulldown menu.

The text that follows has not been updated for this new architecture .... sigh!


How to figure things out

The above diagram shows that there are multiple components involved in getting a job started. Let's start here by explaining what they are.

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