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PhEDEx Monitoring

-- JamesLetts - 02 Nov 2006
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PhEDEx Data Transfers

In general, if there are successful data transfers in AND out of UCSD, there are no problems. Check the data transfers in the Debug and Prod instances of PhEDEx. There should be successful transfers in Debug at any time, and in Prod only if there is data in the pipeline for transfer to our site.

  • PhEDEx Debug Transfers, Last Hour
    • If there are no errors: SRM, dCache, Network are all probably healthy.
    • If there are errors, click on the number of errors in the table and see the details ... the error logs are sometimes very cryptic!
      • If the errors are on all links, we are probably the source of the problem.
      • If the errors are on a particular link, then the source site or the network is most likely the culprit. Check the source sites other transfers.

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