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Task List

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Globus Error Code Held Reason Job is Recoverable
10 globus_xio_gsi: Token size exceeds limit. Usually happens when someone tries to establish a insecure connection with a secure endpoint, e.g. when someone sends plain HTTP to a HTTPS endpoint without No
121 the job state file doesn't exist No
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? Job failed, no reason given by GRAM server No
122 could not read the job state file Maybe (short term: no)
132 the job was not submitted by original jobmanager No (likely to be fatal)
  • Provide the ability black/white list VOs in the factory on a per-entry basis (Doug)

    6/10/10 from Igor Sfiligoi - I have a feature request for the gfactory. Provide the capability to blacklist (or maybe whitelist or both) which VO can use which entry. Right now the only control is at the collector level, so I can only black/whitelist the whole VO, but I cannot do it on a entry by entry level. While I don't need to do this most of the time (the VO is free to choose which entry to use, and if it does not work for them.... oh well). But there are some edge cases when I do want to prevent a VO to go to a entry (it may not work, for example).
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