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  • This has advantage of letting the user know what is available and they can make some smart decisions
  • It should not be used for any else on the frontend side
5/11/10 from Igor Sfiligoi - I would like to see the frontend publish a classad with a summary of what  entries are available. The users need to know what is available before asking for it! And asking them  to query the factory(s) does not make sense. I found I needed something like this when looking after  the CMS CRAB pool at UCSD. Does it seem reasonable? (at least at this level... details would need  to be ironed out)  
  • Expand the condor tarball to include condor_kflops if it exists (Parag)

    Hi all.
    I am testing Condor 7.6.0 and I am seeing errors like this in the gldiein log files:
    04/25/11 13:21:39 (pid:10250) Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable "/data2/condor_local/execute/dir_23510/glide_uU1950/main/condor/lib
    exec/condor_kflops": errno = 2 (No such file or directory)
    While they are not fatal, I think we should fix it.
    My assumption is that it is a new file and we are not pushing it in the (reduced) glidein-condor tarball.
  • BUG: Improper termination of glidein causes condor_started=false in monitoring (Doug)

    • SIGHUP/preemption at Purdue
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