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Cross Section Estimates for 7TeV & 8TeV pp collisions

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" attr="" comment="CMS Note on the calculation of 7TeV processes" date="1347312921" name="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" path="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" size="191971" stream="cmsnoteSMXsec.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/IYniQp0NZX" user="AlexGeorges" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="README.pdf" attr="" comment="Short description of how I calculate the cross sections. Useful for individuals trying to use the scripts I have set up to calculate cross sections on their own. This also provides some BG info on theory." date="1347313594" name="README.pdf" path="README.pdf" size="115288" stream="README.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/dcXnP7JFOb" user="AlexGeorges" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Results_plus1.pdf" attr="" comment="7TeV & 8TeV results for +1 scheme" date="1347338659" name="Results_plus1.pdf" path="Results_plus1.pdf" size="63769" stream="Results_plus1.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/14bcRt4Ebc" user="AlexGeorges" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="INPUTS.zip" attr="" comment="All input files for W, WZ, and ttbar processes." date="1347481925" name="INPUTS.zip" path="INPUTS.zip" size="11080223" stream="INPUTS.zip" tmpFilename="/tmp/W49D3uBRML" user="AlexGeorges" version="1"
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