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General Support

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 To just do ls via the srm would look like:
 lcg-ls -l -b -D srmv2 srm://bsrm-1.t2.ucsd.edu:8443/srm/v2/server?SFN=/hadoop/cms/store/user/tmartin/  or   srmls -2 -delegate=false  srm://bsrm-1.t2.ucsd.edu:8443/srm/v2/server?SFN=/hadoop/cms/store/user/tmartin 

MC Production and Local Scope DBS

  • Production User Portal

For running user-level production, the URL to the portal is https://yuan.ucsd.edu/production_request. The x509 certificate needs to be stored in the web browser to enable the access. Normally you import PKCS#12 file of the certificate to the browser. If you can't find the PKCS#12 file when you first received the x509 certificate, you can use following command to create one (named MyCert? .p12) based on your x509 certficate the key

     openssl pkcs12 -export -in usercert.pem -inkey userkey.pem -out MyCert.p12 -name "my x509 cert" 

The portal allows to run small- and mid-scale production based on ProdAgent? and GlideinWMS system with full detector simulation and reconstruction. The MC production will be run on USCMS Tier-2 and a few Tier-3 sites. The output will be stored at UCSD storage system and published at local DBS deployed at UCSD.

The data discovery of the local DBS is http://ming.ucsd.edu/data_discovery. The instance to be published is "dbs_2009". To access the datasets published at this local DBS by crab, the crab configuration needs to refer to the local DBS interface, http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS1/servlet/DBSServlet.

  • Local DBS

The local DBS is implemented to support data publication via Crab or ProdAgent? . For Crab, the publication or access the local DBS can be set up by adding following to the [USER] section in the crab.cfg

For old version of DBS (DBS_1_0_8)

        dbs_url_for_publication = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS/servlet/DBSServlet       
        dbs_url = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS/servlet/DBSServlet 

For new version of DBS (DBS_2_0_4)

        dbs_url_for_publication = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS1/servlet/DBSServlet       
        dbs_url = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS1/servlet/DBSServlet 

Data discovery for above two DBS instances is


To look at the datasets bookept by DBS, you need to choose "instance" in the selection manual, "dbs_2008" corresponds to the old DBS, "dbs_2009" corresponds to the new DBS.

For newest version of DBS (DBS_2_0_8) or later

        dbs_url_for_publication = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS2/servlet/DBSServlet       
        dbs_url = http://ming.ucsd.edu:8080/DBS2/servlet/DBSServlet 

The data discovery of the newest DBS is


Currently please use DBS_2_0_8 for analysis and dataset publication. Any user dataset in the old DBS can be migrated to the latest instance. Please contact us if you need migration.


Validation of Local CRAB Client Installation

Updated instructions on this page using the CMS Workbook.

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