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osgmonitoring.rpm Package Description

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  8) It will close the DB connection.

Intallation Instructions for dummys

Installation on client and server

ssh root@uaf-2
wget http://hepuser.ucsd.edu/twiki2/pub/UCSDTier2/OsgmonitoringrpmPackageDescription/osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm
rpm -i osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm 

Then you need to change /etc/osgmonitoring.conf to look like the one in uaf-2:/home/users/fkw

Verifying that installation was successful

After 5minutes, just check /var/log/osgmonitoring.log The monitoring writes both into the logfile locally on disk, and the database, as configured in /etc/osgmonitoring.conf

To see the cacti monitoring for this, check here. Looks like we don't have the right plots in t2sentry0 cacti display any more for the uaf machines. Need to ask Terrence about this.

Running the tests for dummys

Initial comments:

  • the clients are monitored only if the osgmonitoring rpm is instaled on that node
  • the tests work even if the clients are not monitored

On uaf-2 (other uaf machines do not have the osgmonitoring rpm installed) you untar [[][this]] tarball. Then:

cd osgcetest
./SKEL/SubmitSKELTimes.sh 100 1 

This creates 100 jobs that will get submitted automatically to the cluster. All that's done is in a directory with current date inside the current working dir.

Things left to do

  1. create the client side tarball, and document it on this twiki, and attach the tarball to the twiki page.
  2. communicate with Terrence to make sure that we have the client monitoring online on uaf-2, and uaf-1.
  3. document the process of putting monitoring via t2sentry0 and cacti into place

Goal to be finished: Monday April 6th

 -- ToniCoarasa - 26 Sep 2008

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm" attr="" comment="The rpm containing the files for the OSG monitoring package" date="1222971168" name="osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm" path="osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm" size="7458" stream="osgmonitoring-2.10.0-1.noarch.rpm" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp36473" user="ToniCoarasa" version="1"
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